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When I first began with Hannouche Chiropractic in September 2018, I was experiencing lower back pain, neuropathy in my left foot, poor posture and various other ailments.

"When I first began with Hannouche Chiropractic in September 2018, I was experiencing lower back pain, neuropathy in my left foot, poor posture and various other ailments not disclosed to the doctors. Between adjustments, doctors recommended exercise and behavioral changes (moving wallet out of back pocket). My back pain was significantly reduced almost immediately. I noticed in March 2019 that the back pain was completely gone.

There have been numerous surprises during the visits in this time period. I was experiencing lower leg swelling and did not think chiropractic would help. Dr. Hannouche observed the swelling and proceeded to make adjustments which relieved the swelling. I also mentioned to him that I was using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine to prevent snoring and sleep apnea. After several adjustments, I decided to stop using the CPAP machine. My wife has observed that I still sometimes lightly snore, but not "rattle the windows" or have any apnea episodes. This has been a monumental positive change for me. I am no longer tethered to the machine when I sleep.

My posture has greatly improved. So much so that family and friends have noticed. I have greater work stamina which has come in handy with downed trees from the various storms. My neuropathy has been highly reduced. As an added bonus, going to the Charlotte Speedway, for the first time I was able to walk over a mile with no pain. All of this in a relatively short period of time (September to March). Thank you doctors!"

- Scott Brothers

When I first came to see Dr. Hannouche I had pain and numbing plus fiery sensations in my hands extending up my arms. My hands and wrists were very painful when any use was attempted.

"My fingers "curved" and couldn't be straightened. I went to other chiropractors, both whom recommended that I see a neurologist. I filled out the application and had an appointment set with a neurologist when I was told about Dr. Hannouche. I decided to give one more chiropractor a try. I am completely recovered from this previous, serious debilitating condition. I can sleep all night. I have full use of my hands, after a year and a half of agony. I am fully convinced that chiropractic treatment will take care of a great percentage of physical problems; I am also convinced that Dr. Hannouche rates at the top of the list of chiropractors. He puts heart, thought and prayer to his work and his patients. May the whole world beat a path to his door."

- Alice Shreve

Before I came to Hannouche Chiropractic Clinic, I was in pain every day. My neck and upper back were tight and tense, and any activity caused me discomfort, It even hurt when I lay down in my bed at night.

"I had frequent headaches that I took medication to relieve. After my very first adjustment, I felt tremendous relief of the pressure in my neck, upper back and shoulders. As I got more adjustments, I began to feel so much better. In addition to the pain being gone, I have more energy, feel better overall, and have a much more positive attitude about everything. The headaches are GONE!! If I didn't know better, I would think that someone had given me a lube job. My body operates so much more smoothly now; no more pulling and grinding. I cannot imagine going back to the way I felt before I started coming to Hannouche Chiropractic. Fortunately, I don't have to go back to the way I was, I am moving forward now in the right direction with chiropractic care."

- Judy Cashwell

I have had a diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis since 1982. In 1997, I was told that I was having a serious flare-up of the disease after becoming very sick.

"I continued to get worse and worse with the disease presenting itself mostly with arthritic type problems. I had a tremendous amount of aching in all my muscles, blinding headaches, excessive fatigue and debilitation joint problems to the point that it affected my ability to walk. In September of 1999, I was put on a cane for walking support and given various injections of steroids and other medications directly into my joints, none of which helped. After following this regiment for many months, I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that the only thing remaining that would help the problems with my knees would be to do a total knee replacement surgery on both legs. Since that didn't sound like a good option to me, I began to seek advice outside the standard medical community. I was told about Dr. Hannouche in December 1999. I first came to see him on January 3, 2000. After examining me, he said I had a lot of vertebral subluxation, some of which he felt had existed since my birth many years ago. After just two adjustments, he was able to work with my knees to the point that I could walk without my cane and little to no pain in my knees. I have not used my cane since that time. There has been a tremendous improvement in my headaches and energy level. I still have a long was to go because I still have a lot of subluxation that has to be corrected. But I am well on my way. Thank you Dr. Hannouche for saving me from a fate of painful surgery and showing me that there is a natural ability for the body to heal itself when given the right treatment."

- Lorene Pierce

My life consisted of getting up in the morning going to work, coming home in the evening and going to bed before dark. I never had energy...

"I was tired all the time and my eyesight was bad. At the time I wore glasses but my eyesight was getting worse. A few months ago my mother and sister started coming to Dr. Hannouche. After a couple of adjustments they called and told me how much better they felt. I could see the improvements in my mom and sister. My mom stated that some of her problems could be heredity, and maybe I needed to be examined. I went to Dr. Hannouche to get checked out, I told him about the problems that concerned me. He said there was help, if I was committed to getting well. I started coming to Dr. Hannouche and after a few adjustments I started feeling better. I have not felt this good in years, going to Dr. Hannouche was the best investment I could have made. To this day I tell everyone about the difference Dr. H has made in my life "What A Feeling""

- Mamie Murphy

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